Posted by: Beth | 2011/09/19

Week 3-1 Artist Date

By definition an artist date is a block of time especially set aside and committed to each week to nurture your creative consciousness, your inner artist.  It’s supposed to be a play date that you preplan and defend against all interlopers.  You do not take anyone on this date but you and your inner artist, aka your creative child.  No friends, no spouses, no children, no taggers-on of any stripe.  Well, as I have said to someone else since we started this adventure together….. as creatives, we just can’t seem to help breaking the rules.  After all what are rules made for but to be broken?  LOL!  None of us like being put into a box!

So for one of my Artist dates I decided to break down and pamper myself.  I made a massage appointment and thought of how relaxing it would be to let someone work the kinks out of my muscles while I listened to quiet, soothing music and let my mind wander freely.  Perhaps letting my artist child free to roam the halls of my mind as I relaxed.  It somehow didn’t end up working that way.  Turns out my massage therapist was very unhappy with her Scentsy consultant and although she had the warmers she had decided to no longer have anything to do with Scentsy because her Consultant could never seem to get her order right.  Soooo, instead of relaxing in peace and quiet I ended up discussing the ins and outs, new things and old things, all things Scentsy during my massage.  We talked throughout the whole massage and I didn’t really ever hit my relaxation zone, but hey, I picked up a new Scentsy customer!

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