Posted by: Beth | 2011/09/27

Week 3-2 and Week 4 Artist Date – Photo Scavenger Hunt


My second assignment in my photography class was to do a scavenger hunt to find various objects or “words”.  Many of the words were subjective or open to interpretation.  We had two weeks to do this assignment so, over the span of numerous outings, I found 52 of the 55 items.  I was disappointed with my performance overall on this task.  Well, no, I guess the proper way to say that, is that I was disappointed with my teacher’s reaction to my performance on this task.


Actually… truth be told, I was originally very excited about this assignment.  I was excited to go to class that night.  I was excited to see how I had done on the assignment.  I thought I had done well at finding the various items on the list.  I knew all my photography wasn’t the greatest.  Like “glow” was blurry and not a very good shot.  But I’m still learning my camera and I couldn’t ask a strange little girl to hold still for an extended period of time while I worked with camera settings and learned what I needed to set the camera on for the dark conditions at the skating rink as she proudly held her glow sticks.  (How’s that for a run-on sentence?)  I guess where I messed up was I thought that part of the importance of the assignment was not just in how “good” your photographs were but also, in how creative you were in finding and interpreting the words on the list.  After all that was part of the importance of the first assignment.  Although all my photographs were not superior I thought some of them were actually quite good and I was looking forward to getting some feedback on the differences.

I was anxious to go to class that night to show how creative I had been in interpreting the words and getting photos of my interpretations.  I expected some input on what I had done wrong in some of the worst pictures and what I had done right in what I thought were some of the better pictures.  But that’s not what happened.  First, other people in the class did not even attempt to find most of the words and I think the most anyone else did was maybe ten.   So when I turned my assignment in to be reviewed by the class, the teacher quickly whipped through my pictures and commented most were over or under-exposed and then he pulled my memstick out of the computer.  That was the extent of my feedback and I was quite disappointed.

Golden Hour

The other students commented that I was an over-achiever, which I guess is true.  I always have been.  But at the same time I am paying for this class.  I am paying to learn how to manipulate my camera and take better pictures.  Yes, some of my pictures are worse right now then they were before I started the class.  But that’s because I used to take everything on auto settings and now I’m having to actually think for the camera, or myself, however you want to look at it.  When I turned in my pictures I included pictures I knew were not the best quality and some I definitely wouldn’t want to brag about to friends.  But I didn’t feel it was fair to the assignment to just turn in the absolute best shots I had gotten and pretend I didn’t find the other words at all.  Evidently that’s exactly what the other students did.  There has been far more in the class about people editing their pictures than I would’ve liked.  I took the class to learn how to take GOOD pictures WITH my camera.  Not decent pictures I can fix later with photoshop.  😦

The pictures that got the most comment that night were pictures people had edited.  Pictures they over-saturated in photoshop making the colors look so surreal it looked more like an abstract painting than a photograph.  One girl took two awesome pictures of an apple.  One on an old dilapidated front porch with the whole picture black and white except the apple, which was red.  And the other was an apple sitting in the middle of a deserted intersection in downtown Shreveport late at night.  Yes, they were fantastic photos.  I will be the first to say they were.  But first, they were both photoshopped and second, if I took the whole two weeks to only try to get one or two pictures I’m sure I could’ve been much more creative than I was. 
Oh well, I did the best I could on the assignment and that’s all I can ask of myself.  If you are interested in seeing all the photographs I took for the assignment you can see them at my Flickr Stream here –


  1. unreal

    • I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by your comment Maire so I looked at your blog and I knew instantly we’d be friends! I love Harry Potter. Absolutely loved the pictures taken at Universal Studios. I can’t wait to go there! I read through several of your entries. All the way down until it said go to older posts! LOL! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your world. 🙂

  2. Nice !

    • Thank you Emad! I looked at your blog and you have some awesome photographs! Like I said in my post I have taken a lot of really great ones but I have stepped backwards in order to learn to move forward past where I was before. Thank you for your support!

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