Posted by: Beth | 2011/10/06

Photography Class 3 – Rant and Narrative

Part of my creative endeavor as I go through the Artist Way study this time is my photography classes at LSUS that I am taking.  I’m learning a lot.  I really am.  But I am not getting out of the classes what I had hoped to get out of the classes.  The classes have been cut from four months to 8 weeks because of budget cuts.  There is too much material thrown at me every class.  There is not time to absorb the material, work with the material, come back and go over whether we actually learned the material.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only student really trying to learn to use my camera to take good shots.  I feel like other people are not really trying to do the assignments.  They make snide comments about how I must have more time than they do.  No, I’m making time because I PAID to take this class to learn to take better pictures!  I wonder why they are taking the class at all!  I know one already considers herself a professional photographer although she’d never taken any pictures at all prior to having her baby last January and admitted she doesn’t know how to take any pictures that are not outside.  (What???)  Her and I rubbed each other wrong from the very first day of class. 

It really bothers me that the whole class period is spent throwing information at us and then we are given a homework assignment.  I guess that’s how college is.  I had forgotten that; it’s been so many years since I’ve been to college.  But once I DO the assignment, then I want feedback on how I did.  What did I do right?  What did I do wrong?  What could I have done different to have had better composition?  Or gotten a better shot?  There isn’t any of that in this class.  The pictures we have taken (of the people who bothered to do the assignment) are quickly looked at and we are asked if we have/had any questions about the assignment and zoom, we are on to the next power packed cram session of knowledge.  I could understand this if it was a large class and there were many people’s homework assignments to go through.  But there are only six people in my class!  I have learned though and that IS why I am taking the class; so I’m just thinking once I finish the class I will be able to read my camera manual and it will mean a lot more to me and I will be able to teach myself what I thought I was going to learn in this class.

Anyway, now that I’ve finished ranting…  our next homework assignment was to do a narrative; to tell a story using 3-7 pictures.  It had to have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Once I got back to class the following week with my completed assignment I found out that the real purpose of the assignment was to make us have to set-up or “stage” a story.  Well, I didn’t get that from the instructions so I just watched all week for an opportunity to present itself to tell a story with pictures.  Oh well, again I thought I did well on the assignment and again there really wasn’t any feedback to tell me how I did or what I could’ve done better or differently.  /sigh  But here’s my narrative….






1. Tree fell on car. 

2. Got tree off of car. 

3. Used a chain saw to cut up the tree. 

4. Loaded the wood into the truck and onto the curb. 

5. Final clean-up and damage assessment.

Bad thing about this was that the neighbor’s (whose tree it was) homeowners said that since the tree was alive and not dead, it was considered an “Act of God” and they were not required to pay for the damage.  What is insurance for anymore?  My son only has liability on his car so his car insurance will not pay for it.  They are renting their house and still waiting to hear from the homeowner’s insurance of the rental house.  But they sure don’t have the money to replace the car if no one is going to help.  He can’t put a new back windshield in because of the frame damage to the trunk and both sides.  If it weren’t for bad luck sometimes I don’t think my son would have any!

The good thing about this was that they were not IN the car when the tree fell since the baby’s carseat was full of shattered glass and a tree limb pierced right where the baby would’ve been sitting.  And we got a truckload of firewood out of the deal.  And I got a photography assignment….

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